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Cutting board walnut symmetrical end grain

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  • Cutting board walnut symmetrical end grain
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Food-safe surface treatment
  • With handles as standard
  • 100% Swiss wood / 100% Swiss Made
  • Other sizes/options on request
  • How should solid wood be cared for?

Since this is a natural product, the grain and pattern of the end product differs.

Made from Swiss wood by us in our studio.

What is end grain (or end grain)?
End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It typically has a checkerboard pattern, which is the main feature by which you can tell it is an end grain cutting board. Although this type of wooden cutting board is a bit more expensive, some people consider it valuable because it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a "self-healing factor" as the fibers close after being cut by the knife.

We use a food-safe linseed oil varnish to treat our products.
There are many benefits to using flaxseed oil, and these are just a few of them:

  • The oil improves the color of the wood and highlights the grain, making the wood look more textured
  • It is non-toxic and therefore very environmentally friendly
  • Prevents wood from cracking as it prevents the wood from drying out
  • It helps cover up some scratches
  • The oil penetrates deep into the wood and forms a good protective barrier against the elements.

Interesting facts about the walnut tree

  • The impressive walnut is botanically a fruit, but technically it is a tree nut.
  • Walnut trees grow at a rate of 24 centimeters per year and reach heights of up to 20 meters and can produce nuts for more than 100 years.
  • Walnuts have an impressive shell that resembles a human head, which is why the ancient Greeks called them karyon (head). If you crack open the hard shell, you will find bumpy-textured flesh that bears a clear resemblance to the brain.
  • Walnuts are one of humanity's oldest tree foods, dating back to 7,000 BC. can be traced back.
  • Walnut tree has feather-like leaves consisting of 5 to 9 alternately arranged leaflets.
  • The walnut tree has a strong and deep taproot. It produces substances that inhibit the growth of other plants near the tree.
  • The male flowers are arranged in hanging catkins. The female flowers are relatively short and spiny. The flowers can self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.
  • Walnut shells are used in the production of sandpaper, adhesives, plastics and cleaning products. Walnut wood is used to make flooring, furniture, musical instruments, panels, veneers and gun stocks.
  • The lifespan of the walnut tree depends on the respective genus. A walnut tree has a lifespan of 50 to 250 years.

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Schönes Holzbild

Die Jahresringe kommen top zur Geltung. Hochwertiges Produkt.

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