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Larch end grain cutting board

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Beautify your home with our products.

  • Larch end grain cutting board
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Food-safe surface treatment
  • Standard with handles
  • 100% Swiss wood / 100% Swiss Made
  • Other sizes / options on request
  • How should solid wood be maintained?

Since it is a natural product, the grain and the pattern of the end product differ.

Made from Swiss wood by us in our workshop.

What is end grain (or end grain)?
End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It usually has a checkerboard pattern, which is the main feature by which you can tell it is an end-grain cutting board. This type of wooden cutting board is a bit more expensive, but some people consider it valuable because it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a "self-healing factor" as the fibers close after being cut by the knife.

We use a food safe linseed oil varnish to treat our products.
There are many benefits to using flaxseed oil and these are just a few of them:

  • The oil enhances the color of the wood and brings out the grain, giving the wood a more textured look
  • It is non-toxic and therefore very environmentally friendly
  • Prevents wood from cracking as it prevents the wood from drying out
  • It helps cover up some scratches
  • The oil penetrates deep into the wood and forms a good protective barrier against the elements.

The larch: 5 facts we need to know about the larch:

  • Larch needles change in autumn. Like spruce, cedar, pine and fir, the larch or Larix decidua belongs to the pine family. But unlike most conifers, which retain their beautiful green needles through the winter, larch turns golden and then red in the fall. This tree is also the only deciduous conifer in Europe: it loses its needles but retains its cones, which are its only decorative form in winter. The cones remain on the branches for a long time, and it is not uncommon to see the current year's cones and those of the previous year at the same time.
  • It occurs mainly in the Southern Alps.
    The larch is a coniferous tree that is mainly found in the southern Alps.
    This tree, which likes its roots in the cool and its top in the sun, grows in mountains that have around 300 days of sunshine a year.
    In these circumstances it can grow to a height of 2400 meters and up to 40 meters. Before she loses her needles and spends the winter without leaves, the larch forests turn bright colors. This can be observed well in the Engadin.
    This ephemeral spectacle is a delight for all photographers and landscape lovers.
  • The larch often occurs with other conifers.
    In the mountains, the larch is often found alongside other conifers:
    - Scots pine below 400 m
    - Arolla pines / Arve above 2000 m.
  • Larch wood is highly valued.
    The larch is not only needle-shedding and offers spectacular autumn colors, but is also very popular for its wood. The larch is indeed a high-quality wood. As a result of a slow growth process, it is very hard and rot resistant. In the Alps, this type of wood is often used to build houses and chalets.
    Incidentally, another amazing use of this tree is to make liquor by steeping its flowers and young cones in alcohol.
  • The main enemy of larch is a small caterpillar.
    The larch can be attacked by a small type of caterpillar, the larch budworm, about every 8 years. As this caterpillar feeds on the needles, the larch defends itself by stopping its flow of sap. The tree then loses its needles and appears to die. But this de-needling, even if complete, does not result in the death of the tree. It is merely a defense mechanism: the larch protects itself from this voracious insect before it forms new shoots the following year.

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