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About Us

Make beautiful out of wood - sustainable FSC* wood is the focus
Our products are made in Switzerland with solid Swiss wood. Only noble materials are used by us to produce a timeless product. See for yourself. Swiss-made products from A to Z. Our range includes cutting boards, lamps, tables and other solid wood products. Our range is constantly being expanded. For our creations we use native woods such as walnut, oak, maple, spruce, larch, beech and fir. We are happy to manufacture products according to your wishes. Ask us, we are happy to advise.

What is wood - from the tree seed to the product
Trees can live up to several thousand years. The oldest tree, a spruce called Old Tjikko , is in Sweden and is over 10,000 years old, according to researchers. In our native forests, however, trees rarely get that old, since most trees are already ready for harvest between 60 and 200 years. It therefore stands to reason that the tree deserves to be processed into a beautiful and timeless product. A cutting board, which should not be missing in any kitchen, is a worthy product. With careful care of our products, they can bring joy for generations.

Where do we get our wood from - we trust local partners
We source our solid wood directly from local suppliers. This simplifies the control of our wood products so that we can meet our quality standards. Our specialty lies in the processing of hardwoods such as maple, beech, oak and walnut to create our works of art. Solid wood is mostly sourced directly from sawmills, foresters or even forest owners to create our unique pieces. Whenever possible, we purchase residual wood/cuttings to improve our ecological footprint.

Handwork is our focus
The art of designing a product out of wood requires experience, skill and patience. The latest technical aids support us in product development, but the focus is on manual work. The careful handling of our domestic and sustainable wood is important to us. We produce everything ourselves: cutting boards, serving trays, wall clocks, vases, wooden lamps, tables, candle holders, wooden shelves and many other products. All products are made by us locally in our workshop in the canton of Lucerne.

We realize individual customer requests
Of course, we can also use change requests, adjustments or a special wood. After clarifying the possibilities of implementation, we are happy to have your ideas implemented. Contact us via the contact form or directly via our email address:

State-of-the-art technology: hand-held CNC & laser engravers
We don't want to do without modern technology entirely. To get even more accurate results, we use a handheld CNC called Origin from Shaper Tools. This modern tool enables high-precision connections to be created and inlays / inlays to be implemented.
Our laser allows us to engrave logos, sayings, messages on the products for our customers. Get in touch with us to discuss your wishes. Almost everything is possible with us.

100% Swiss Made - 100% sustainable
Our products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland with 100% Swiss wood. We source from local suppliers to minimize CO2 emissions. In order to neutralize our CO2 emissions, we invest in the reforestation of forests. We also use waste wood for selected products. This is how we make our contribution to the circular economy.

Modern machine park
We obtain our woodworking machines from well-known manufacturers such as Felder, Hammer, Laguna, Makita, Dewalt, Festool and Shaper Tools.

Optimal service - constant improvements
We can do even better. Tell us what we can improve. We are always open to suggestions, feedback and criticism in order to optimize our service and our products.

*FSC ® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. It is an international certification system for more sustainable forest management. The wood from furniture, toys, books, exercise books or pencils with the FSC seal comes from forests that are managed more responsibly.

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