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End grain maple cutting board

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Beautify your home with our products.

  • End grain maple cutting board
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Food-safe surface treatment
  • Standard with handles
  • 100% Swiss wood / 100% Swiss Made
  • Other sizes / options on request
  • How should solid wood be maintained?

Since it is a natural product, the grain and the pattern of the end product differ.

Made from Swiss wood by us in our workshop.

What is end grain (or end grain)?
End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It usually has a checkerboard pattern, which is the main feature by which you can tell it is an end-grain cutting board. This type of wooden cutting board is a bit more expensive, but some people consider it valuable because it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a "self-healing factor" as the fibers close after being cut by the knife.

We use a food safe linseed oil varnish to treat our products.
There are many benefits to using flaxseed oil and these are just a few of them:

  • The oil enhances the color of the wood and brings out the grain, giving the wood a more textured look
  • It is non-toxic and therefore very environmentally friendly
  • Prevents wood from cracking as it prevents the wood from drying out
  • It helps cover up some scratches
  • The oil penetrates deep into the wood and forms a good protective barrier against the elements.

Facts about the maple tree
1. Maple trees are ancient
According to the fossil record, maple trees are actually quite old. They date back at least 100 million years, if not even older. These trees were growing back when dinosaurs walked the earth! Of course, not all maple species survived from this period. But maple trees, which belong to the Aceraceae family, existed then and still exist today.

2. Maples vary radically in size
With more than 128 maple species worldwide, it's no wonder they vary so greatly in size! Some maple trees can be grown as bonsai trees that are only a few inches tall. Others reach a height of over 45 meters!

3. Maple Blossoms
When you think of maple trees, you probably think of their foliage. But maple trees bloom too! These flowers can be red, yellow, orange and even green. The flowers are pollinated by insects such as flies and honey bees. These seeds give rise to the iconic "helicopter" seeds that slowly fall from the branches of the trees.

4. Maple trees produce the best syrup
The sweetest and richest syrup comes from maple trees. A maple tree must be 30 years old before its sap can be tapped and made into syrup. It takes between 140 and 190 liters of maple sap to produce just 4 liters of maple syrup. The process of extracting sap for syrup does not harm the trees.

5. Maple trees have a long lifespan
Given the right conditions, maple trees can be very resilient and have a long lifespan. When planted in the right place, a maple tree can live 300 years or more!

6. Maple trees also suffer from diseases and pests
The Asian long-horned beetle in particular poses a major threat. Maple trees are also attacked by various fungal diseases.

7. Maple trees are used to make whiskey
Syrup isn't the only trade good Maple Trees produce! Charcoal from maple trees is required for the production of whiskey.

8. Maple is a tonewood
Maple trees are considered tonewoods, that is, a type of wood that conducts sound waves well. Because of this fact, some musical instruments are made from the wood of maple trees. Violins, violas, double basses and cellos are usually made of maple wood. Drums and some woodwind instruments, such as the bassoon, are also made from maple. The necks of electric guitars are usually made of maple wood.

10. Maples are important for the bees.
The decline in honey bees is ringing alarm bells more and more. Without bees as pollinators, it will be much more difficult to feed the world! Maple trees are an important source of pollen for honey bees emerging from their winter hibernation in early spring. If you want to support your local bees, plant a maple tree or two!

Customer Reviews

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Sehr zufrieden!

Wunderschön verarbeitet und tolle Qualität! Sehr empfehlenswert!

Madeline Dement Madani
Beautiful board and amazing service!

I inquired about a board with custom sizing and received a response just a few hours later. The board was shipped to me the very next day and is beautiful, exactly as I'd hoped. I couldn't be happier and would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for a great wooden cutting board!

Marianne O.

Ideales Geschenk für meinen Mann der gerne sein Fleisch darauf schneidet.

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