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Chopping block beech cutting board end grain

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Beautify your home with our products.

  • Chopping block beech cutting board end grain
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Food-grade surface treatment
  • Standard with handles
  • Other sizes / options on request
  • How should solid wood be cared for?

Since it is a natural product, the grain and pattern of the final product vary.

Made from Swiss wood by us in our studio or a partner company.

What is end grain wood?
End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It usually has a checkerboard pattern, which is the main feature that lets you know it is an end grain cutting board. This type of wood cutting board is a little more expensive, but some people consider it valuable because it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a "self-healing" factor because the fibers close after they are cut by the knife.

We use a food-safe linseed oil varnish to treat our products.
There are many benefits to using linseed oil, and these are just a few of them:

  • The oil improves the color of the wood and highlights the grain, making the wood look more structured
  • It is non-toxic and therefore very environmentally friendly
  • Prevents wood from cracking as it prevents the wood from drying out
  • It helps to cover some scratches
  • The oil penetrates deep into the wood and forms a good protective barrier against the elements.

Information about the beech and its wood
Beech wood is fine-pored, homogeneously structured and has no striking features - the only exception is the shimmer of wood rays / medullary rays. Sapwood and heartwood have the same pale yellow to reddish-whitish color. Trees with discoloration in the heartwood show a dull red color in the middle of the trunk. This wood is also called heartwood beech. Heartwood beech wood is very rare and sought after in furniture making because it gives the piece of furniture a special character.

The medium to heavy wood is very hard, which leads to a high level of abrasion resistance. The wood bends very well when steamed. The wood is not weatherproof.

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