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Stirnholz oder Längsholz: Kennen Sie den Unterschied?

End grain or longitudinal grain: do you know the difference?

Many people think that all wooden cutting boards are the same, but that's not entirely true because there are many differences that affect not only how the wooden cutting board looks, but also how durable it is. There are two different models of wooden cutting boards, namely the end grain wooden cutting boards and the longitudinal wooden cutting boards

End grain (or end grain)
End grain cutting boards are made from end pieces of wood. It usually has a checkerboard pattern, which is the main feature by which you can tell it is an end-grain cutting board. This type of wooden cutting board is a bit more expensive, but some people consider it valuable because it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a "self-healing factor" as the fibers close after being cut by the knife.

longitudinal wood
Grain cutting boards are made from parallel pieces of wood that have been glued together. This is the most common wooden cutting board that looks exactly how you would imagine a wooden cutting board to look. Grain cutting boards are known for their durability and lower price, but they tend to dull your knives faster than end-grain cutting boards. After a long period of use, the wooden cutting board will show cutting marks, which will affect the aesthetics of the board. However, this can be prevented by regular oiling with a special oil.

Ultimately, you should base your decision on what type of wooden cutting board best suits your needs. You should consider when making your decision that end-grain cutting boards have the "self-healing" factor, because if you pay a little more for this type of cutting board, you may get better results in the long run. We have a wide range of both types of wooden cutting boards, in different designs to meet everyone's needs. All our products are made from Swiss wood to make the greatest possible contribution to sustainability.

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