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Einfachheit, Nachhaltigkeit und 7 weitere Gründe, warum Sie natürliche Holzprodukte kaufen sollten

Simplicity, sustainability and 7 more reasons why you should buy natural wood products

Simplicity, sustainability and 7 more reasons why you should buy natural wood products

Technology has come a long way in creating inexpensive and durable building materials, but sometimes it's still best to turn to tradition and use natural wood products instead. Here are a few reasons why we can't get past wood materials.

A refreshing return to natural simplicity
Wood products represent a return to simplicity. In a society that thrives on "overdesigned" and mass-produced products, handcrafted wood products are a refreshing change and a welcome break from busy everyday life.

Sustainable approach & eco-friendly design
Unlike metal or plastic, wood comes from the world that surrounds us. In the case of Apfelbaum Design, our story begins in the foothills, valleys and forests of central Switzerland. Even though we are surrounded by a technology-driven economy, we take inspiration from times gone by by reflecting on the traditional working spirit to produce locally sourced, traditional wood products.

Unmatched beauty and the natural look of wood
Perhaps our favorite reason for working with real wood is the finished product. While products made of ceramic, plastic, and other man-made materials can look aesthetically pleasing, nothing quite comes close to the natural beauty of wood. Wood is the most trusted and valuable working material. Whether you're bringing nature into the office with wooden magazines, mouse pads and business card holders, the beautiful wood grain and smooth surface add an elegant touch to everyday products.

Styles as unique as the trees they come from
No tree is like the other. Everyone has their own unique story. A story etched deep into its bark and wood. At Apfelbaum Design it is our job to spread this story out into the world. Each of our wooden lifestyle products is as unique as the trees it comes from, making your product truly one-of-a-kind.

Wood products are far more versatile and flexible than many people realize. When you get your wood straight from the source, it's just a matter of know-how and precision craftsmanship to shape and create something spectacular. Each of our wood products is handcrafted from carefully inspected woods to ensure every millimeter of your material has its place.

Without question, durability is one of the biggest selling points for natural wood products. Our everyday wood products are as rough and tough as the trees they came from. What's more, our products are made from the finest handpicked woods to ensure the highest quality, strength and durability.

Endless customization options
With an Apfelbaum Design product by your side, there are no limits to the art and creativity you can express thanks to our limitless customization. By fusing traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology, we are able to create exactly the type of item you are dying to have. Just send us your pictures and let us bring your visions to life with your wooden products.

Easy maintenance
Some might argue that wood is too prone to scratches and scrapes, but our wooden lifestyle products look as good as new as long as you take care of them. All it takes is a little dusting and polishing as part of your weekly cleaning routine and your wood products will still look as fresh as they did when they left our workshop!

A timeless investment
Combining modern design principles with traditional woodworking methods, our lifestyle products allow you to put a piece of nature in your pocket while breathing new life into the things we use every day. Apple Tree Design is not obsessed with growth but is committed to the best product to bring you the highest quality handcrafted products money can buy. High-quality products are not mass-produced.

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